Course Description

Create a Career Worth Investing In.

The Career Accelerator helps business professionals get unstuck and create the career they've always wanted. The Career Accelerator has over 6 hours of comprehensive, instructional videos that walk you through the 6 phases of owning, navigating, and accelerating your career.

What You Get

The program includes 6 hours of transformational content to uncover your purpose and leverage your strengths to create the career of your dreams.

  • Lifetime access to the Career Accelerator Program

  • Resources and frameworks to help you navigate your career journey

  • Direct access to Benjamin Preston

Benjamin Preston

Founder, Career Accelerator & Author of Harness Your Butterflies

Benjamin Preston

Benjamin Preston is an award-winning business consultant and career strategist. Benjamin consults with businesses to support initiatives in marketing, business strategy, operations, employee development, and human resources. He also offers one-on-one coaching for young professionals to uncover their unique strengths and passions for an exciting career. He is the author of Harness Your Butterflies: The Young Professional's Metamorphosis to an Exciting Career. Learn more at

Create Your Dream Career

Follow your excitement and start having fun at work.

When it comes to making serious job development decisions, there is no room for insecurities and second thoughts. You need to unveil your passions and then prepare yourself with a career growth plan that will lead you to success.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One: The Excitment Principle

    • 1.1. Explore Purpose

    • 1.2 Create Your Dream Career

    • 1.3 Set Intentions and Goals

    • 1.4 Your Limiting Beliefs

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  • 2

    Module Two: Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • 2.1 Your Strengths Assessments

    • 2.2 Identify Your Competitive Advantage

    • 2.3 Know Your Hot Buttons

    • 2.4 Pivot Yourself Into Alignment

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  • 3

    Module Three: Improving Your Soft Skills

    • 3.1 Scuplting Your Experience

    • 3.2 Humilty Is Not Unworthiness

    • 3.3 Owning Your Attention

    • 3.4 Importance of Communication

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  • 4

    Module Four: Understanding Work

    • 4.1 Your Friend Groups

    • 4.2 Power of Adversity

    • 4.3 Aspects of Organizational Culture and Their Influence on You

    • 4.4 Navigating Politics and Influence

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  • 5

    Module Five: Lead Your Life

    • 5.1 Team Dynamics (Leaders vs Managers)

    • 5.2 Power of Trust

    • 5.3 Courage and Worthiness

    • 5.4 Empathy through Experience

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  • 6

    Module Six: Making an Impact

    • 6.1 Rewrite Your Narrative

    • 6.2 Dealing with Momentum and Anxiety

    • 6.3 Impact Starts with You

    • 6.4 Impact and Personal Power

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